Mitra Fabian

Mitra Fabian is a conceptual and multidisciplinary artist. Speaking to her continual theme of human activity and its often-‐complicated relationship to the natural world, her sculptures and drawings depict organic forms juxtaposed with angular structures. The process and media of the new work mark a shift from & Fabian’s previous use of repurposed manufactured materials, but the beguiling effect it has upon the viewer strikes an even deeper chord.

In the sculptural work, naturalistic forms are made of hydro-­stone and glitter. They are at once beautiful and disorienting, exhibiting seductive, colorful interiors, but with clinically white, living textures on the outside. These mysterious figures perch upon or hang from wooden structures, allegories of architecture and industry. The contrast between materials and the contradiction of forms are meant to be unsettling and make the viewer question the logic of these relationships. The contradictions within these sculptures may at first seem absurd, but they are responses to such images we accept as normal: carbon copy tract houses that pop up on rolling hillsides, swallows’ nests attached to the undersides of bridges, cargo containers transporting foods around the world, or even a river basin paved over with concrete.

“Mitra’s work is utterly riveting and the deceptively simple appearance of its progression continues to astound me. Her signature accomplishment is the quiet invitation into a parallel world that both mirrors and distorts our own,” noted Martin. “The creations present themselves so clearly, while leaving much unanswered. We can see them, experience them, project our preconceived notions of life onto them, or simply gaze at them and wonder what they do when we leave their presence.”