Lisa Schulte

Lisa Schulte is a transplant from New York, raised in Southern California, known for her work in neon.  While having created many classic “sign type” neon pieces over 30 years of owning Nights of Neon, Lisa stays away from the traditional use of neon in her own personal work. Her work combines her experience in the movie and television industry with her love of fine art. Her pieces include abstract neon sculptures reminiscent of the 1960’s Spirograph drawing toy on metal.  Her work has been exhibited in many galleries across the United States including museum exhibits at Museum of Neon Art and commissioned work for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  Images of her pieces have also been published in many on-line art magazines as well as in several books and magazines and a science text book for 10th Graders.  Lisa’s neon sculptures are also in many private collections.

Most recently Lisa as created a body of work called “Essence of Time.”  This work features neon along with  using different types of organic wood materials and various temperatures of white neon and shapes and sizes  of neon glass tubes. The sculptures in this body of work are intended to convey a sense of calmness and evoke a sense of peace.

Asked why she chose neon as a medium, Lisa says, “My love for “light” started in my late teens.  I had a friend who was a DJ at a disco.  I was underage, so I would get in under the guise of “working the lights”.  I loved it!  I discovered neon lights in the early 80’s and never veered from that peculiar source of light.